Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My favorite drinking vessels right now

I reached in my cabinet this morning for a green tea vessel , and couldn't decide which to take. On these cold rainy mornings I have been drinking hot chocolate out of my favorite mugs, and have gotten very used to them. Green tea out of the Pond Branch mug didn't seem quite right so Doug Dotson's yunomi won. This is the perfect cup to drink from, it has sort of a thick rim and the body is thick enough to hold the heat in for the tea and doesn't burn my hands while holding it. I also have a wonderful teacup and saucer that my friend Susan Wells made, but the photo I took looked like crap, maybe I need to get the real photographer that lives here to shoot it for me..........Doug Dotson yunomi, Doug throws on a beautiful treadle wheel and has a kiln that I want to sneak out and load up in my van one night, along with his amazing studio. He has a very loose style and his pieces have a lot of life to them.
Doug's wife Maura made this mug and it is one of my very favorites. I believe she throws on a kick wheel. The handle is perfect and I love the decoration. I bought this on the Chatham County studio tour last fall.
Michael Rutkowsky is a genius with slips, this clay body is orange stone and it is a wonderful mug to drink from. I met him last year at the Sanford Pottery Festival.
I made this coil mug in Meredith Brickell's class last year and finally fired in the gas kiln this week. Shino with Oribe on top and then a little chun for good measure. The photo doesn't really show the depth of these glazes but they did nicely in the firing. Sadly, no more classes with Meredith, I fear, she is in popular demand and looks like she will be moving to Indiana to teach. Her website also had a Taiwan and Denmark lecture posted. Very happy for her! She is so talented and a wonderful teacher.


Michael Kline said...

Thanks for sharing the choices you had to make. Tough one. But I think the Doug pot would have been my choice too. I like a thick bodied cup for tea. It has a nice decoration, too.

tsbroome said...

I would build new kitchen cabinets and fill them with Doug's pieces if I could. They have a great tactile character to them and are just a delight to hold and use.

Ron said...

Nice cups. I like that giraffe deco.