Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My studio is trashed. I have been making some coil teabowls and tea boxes and all the trimming and scraping has left a huge mess. These are for my next Raku. Probably the last of my hand building for awhile. My wheel comes tomorrow, YAY! I have been hand building in my studio at home and working on the wheel at Claymakers. I can't throw in a community studio any more.
I am an only child and must be alone A LOT! I do like people in small doses, but can't throw with chatting and social activity going on around me. Just can't do it. I worked in my studio this morning with no music, no NPR, just the sound of the rain, and my dog snoring. I need the quiet with no chaos. And windows, which Claymakers does not have.


Natalie said...

I have a messy "studio" too! I'm too embarrassed to post pictures though. I also don't need music all the time; sometimes I just want peace and quite! But I DO love to be with people. I am the youngest of 6, so I must have a people ix:) Hey, I was just browsing for knowledgeable people in blog land, google has failed me in the past so I'm going straight to a real person. I have a problem I need help with. when I paint my bisque pieces more than one color...where the two colors should touch, they roll away from eachother and I have bare spots, sometimes just pinhole size, but that's not acceptable either! Can you help me? Is it perhaps the paint I'm using?

tsbroome said...

When you say "paint" do you mean glaze, or underglaze? Sounds like crawling which can be caused by several things from shrinkage to a thick application. It's hard to say without knowing what your glazes are. If you are using underglaze, the application may be too thick or your bisque had surface contamination.