Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sad news on Alex Matisse' blog

I read Alex's blog this morning about the pots that broke in the firing and I just felt so mournful for him. I know the effort that went into the firing from the first ball of clay placed on the wheel to unloading all of the pots. I was so sad for his news. It does seem trivial to mourn pottery when so many have died this month in war and natural disasters, but nonetheless, it is a labor of love to make pottery like his and hard to lose any pieces at all.
I do love this wonderful pot that survived and borrowed the photo to share.


Alex Matisse said...

Tracey, I found you blog! Thank you so much for the really nice post. I would be interested in keeping in touch when I move out to the piedmont. The work you do through the ministries sounds very interesting and I would love to hear more. That mix of clay and social work has been on my mind a while now and it is great so see someone doing it. Just for clarity the pot pictured is one of Matt Jones'. He made it as a gift for me on my leaving the pottery in a week and a half. I look forward to checking out your blog in more depth....

tsbroome said...

I think you will like it around here, Mark's place is really nice. He is smart to have his kiln opening near Mother's Day, that is always what I get for a Mother's Day gift, a visit and a piece from there. Although, I have been getting Aaron Weaver's pieces lately, I really like his work. The social work is definitely rewarding but it has really zapped my energy this week. I have been mentally worn out and I can't get any of the people I work with out of my head.
And then today, your blog was in my head all day. I just fired for the first time a kiln I helped build and although we had some loss, the process itself was so great. At one point I even forgot about the pots, it was just about the fire and the dang cones! I couldn't help thinking how sad it would have been to lose that wonderful pot Matt made for you, what a treasure!