Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What I do know........

So, here is what I have learned this past week. I can say "I don't know" a lot! I can stay awake for almost 48 hours and form pretty clear sentences, I just call people different names (Jonas, I am so sorry I called you Josh for 2 days!) I know what positive and passive dampers are. I know how to keep a 200 degree fire going for 12 hours and keep the flame pretty darn even. I know that if you fire at night you need extra batteries for your flashlight.
Other things: Nikon Coolpix cameras eat batteries like I eat chocolate
you can toast bagels in a wood kiln
have lots of fruit and water, oranges are the best
strong coffee is needed around 6am
from cone 7 to cone 9 use long skinny boards, not 8 inch planks, the fire does not like to heat up like that
from cone 3 to cone 5 the kiln will lag, stoke the air holes and it will fire right back up
have pencils for the firing log, not pens that don't write
do this with people you really like and that don't mind if you snap a bit in the wee hours
if you have kids, involve them!
If you need ingenuity, call Ana Howard. She rocks.
If you want to have fun firing, do it with Susan and Laura!
Most of all, I know that my daughter Wesley is one of the most amazing people I know. Thanks Wes for your help and patience and wisdom!!!
Last, but not least, congratulations to my mom for figuring out how to find my blog, way to go mom!

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