Friday, June 13, 2008

Here are just a few fun iconic photos from the streets of Manhattan. Two of my favorite shops: the Virgin Records store at Times Square and the Hershey Chocolate store. The kabobs from the street vendors were awesome, grilled right on the spot. No fancy restaurants for us, we just don't have the clothes for it. I loved the DJ at Virgin Records, up in her little tower, rocking out. What a great job. I could do that. Hated Macy's, crowded dept. store, the Hard Rock was crowded but we got there at 11am before the crowds and just walked around. Their food really sucks, but they have some fantastic memorabilia. I'll post some from there later.

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brandon phillips said...

when i was in england i lived on kabobs from street vendors. kabob vans is what i think they called them. i've never had a strong desire to visit new york but now that i know they have kabob carts, i'm there! thanks for sharing!