Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi All!
Finally home from a crazy week in NY. We took the train up on Sunday and spent the week walking from Central Park to the Battery and everywhere in between. Our hotel room was overlooking Times Square right in the middle of the theater district. Some highlights were
The Metropolitan Museum (of course!), the International Center of Photography, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, The Broome St. Bar in Soho, the World Trade Center site, and seeing Spamalot at the Shubert Theater. I'll post some pictures over a few days instead of boring everyone senseless all at once. I'll start with one of my favorite things, the Egyptian pottery at the Met. I thought Ron would especially like the cross hatching on the red pot. I liked the mugs on your blog, Ron. First is a view from our hotel room day and night.


Ron said...

Hey nice photos, thanks for thinking of me. I'm going to do more cross hatching on some mugs that I am waiting to dry.
Glad you had a good trip. I look forward to hearing more. I've never been to the Big Apple but we have it on our list of things to do.
Did you take the AmTrak up from Raleigh? How was that?

tsbroome said...

The Amtrak is great! Lots of leg room, nice people, no security searches, everything flying is not these days.Plus it only cost $350 for the three of us round trip.
It is a ten hour trip from Raleigh, but bring a good book, I re-read Snow Falling on Cedars, bring a laptop for a movie, bring an Ipod, or just bring a pillow and sleep. I much prefer this mode of travel.

Hannah said...

Am Trak?

Ron said...

Hannah, AmTrak is a rail system in the US. It's not as extensive as rail in Europe though.

Ron said...

That sounds awesome T. maybe that's something Sarah and I should do. I've never been on the train but I saw it from my dorm window a lot at NCSU, it ran right through campus. I think we could get on in Gastonia. Anyhow. Looking forward to hearing more about NYC.