Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Much better day today, got a lot done, and no I did not leave these in the sun! They are just placed for a quick snapshot. I did learn my lesson, these bowls were in my reclaim bucket yesterday. Although it was 90 degrees here today, the deck was nice and shady most of the day and it felt great to work outside and soak up some vitamin D. I literally threw until my finger bled. I looked down and my middle finger was bleeding, I have a bad habit of using my middle fingernail and I had ground it down to the meat, yuck. I was whiny until I thought of
Brandon Phillips throwing all those cups for his wedding with his broken finger. How did he do that?! Did you see his cups? They are sooooo beautiful!

I have been needing some pasta bowls for the longest time, so I am keeping these in honor of the first batch from my new wheel. Soon I will be sitting out here eating pasta with basil that is growing right beside my wheel. How cool is that!
The tallest piece has black and white slip on earthenware, the first pot I threw on this wheel, so I will plant some rosemary in it.I think rosemary is the herb for remembrance?I can't remember- ha! More pots are covered up for trimming tomorrow. Now if the magic kiln building fairy would show up with that gas kiln I want, I'm set!


brandon phillips said...

i'll tell you what, throwing with a broken finger hurt at times, but i adapted so that i didn't really have to use it. kudos to you because i've worn my nails down and i think that the constant soreness from that while throwing is much more painful, to me anyways! the broken finger only hurts when you try to use it, the fingernail pain just hurts all the dang time. thanks for the plug, i really enjoy your blog.

is it just me or are these letter verification things getting longer and longer?

Anonymous said...

my wife has always wanted to take up pottery. but how hard is it on your hands? she's an occupational therapist and as she works with her hands they are frequently tired. i'm going to introduce her to your blog, wonderful work!

Ron said...

Glad to see you had a productive day. Well done. I always wear down my left thumbnail when I throw plates.

tsbroome said...

I have tendonitis in my fingers and shoulder from rock climbing so many years, but I just ignore the pain. Once I start throwing on the wheel I am oblivious to it anyway. It's when I wake up the next day that I feel it most. It seems like something in my body has always hurt from climbing, paddling, hiking, etc.
Pottery is a bit rough on the hands though, but it's worth it to me. Just depends on how much you love it I guess. Although, I would be a big old wimp if my finger was broken! Yes, Brandon these word things do seem to get longer and sometimes I can't tell what the letter is, what's up with this anyway?

brandon phillips said...

definitely worth it.

doug fitch said...

Good looking pots Tracey