Monday, June 2, 2008

What a crazy weekend. My daughter played a farewell concert at her school Friday night. They are moving into a brand new school next year and sadly said goodbye to the old school. Wesley wrote the music for her band and they rocked the house!
Saturday I had a Raku fire with Barbara MacKenzie and Sunday went out to Cedar Creek to help Tim Turner stoke the wood kiln. Tim very patiently answered my never ending stream of questions and was great fun to be with. If you haven't been to Cedar Creek before, it is well worth the trip out for a visit. There are great sculptures and plantings on the grounds and the gallery has some really beautiful pots, glass, and other fine art. Check out the teapot show there next weekend. Sunday was also my 23rd wedding anniversary. Why you might ask was I stoking a wood kiln and where was my husband? Well, the Associated Press has decided to train a group of their photographers in multi media presentations and he was one of the chosen, so I put him on a plane for Dallas Sunday morning and then headed out to Cedar Creek. Thanks, Tim, for a great day, although a very HOT day! I learned a lot that I will be able to use when Susan and I fire again in the fall.

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Jen Mecca said...

TS...thanks for the comment.
I'm looking forward to seeing Tims new work this weekend at Larkspur.I'm glad he's back at Cedar Creek, Brad needed another potter there and Tim is such a nice guy. You'll have to come by and say hello! It is such a small world!
Thanks, Jen