Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bonafide Perplexity

I love that phrase and it is exactly how I feel right now. Wesley found that phrase in an old book by Carlos Castenadas . Did anyone ever read the teachings of Don Juan in college or high school?
Anyway, yesterday, I worked at Claymakers in the morning, the sink flooded the floor and I was the first to find it so I got to mop it up. This makes the third week in a row I have come in to a flooded floor. The rain did it the last two times, this time the sink. Got a kiln loaded, recycled some clay and headed out to shop for props. Yesterday my search was for a 1912 bicycle, a pitch fork and a key to the handcuffs we have and can't get opened. How many people in one day can comment on being kinky when you have a set of handcuffs with you anyway!
Also gutted some old books to make fake books for the bookshelves in the library scene and made a twelve foot banner that read, River City Iowa, July 4, 1912. What a pain in the you know what that was. Lettering is not my thing. Then I had to put together a lesson plan for my summer camp class that starts Monday. Myths, Legends and Adventures. We are making Medusa heads, castles, Aztec rattles and on and on and on. Kindergarten and first grade. I have no clue about classroom control so this is going to be a crazy crazy week.
So last night I had to be at the theater for tech. We open Thursday. All the while this is going on I am wondering about the pots that finally got fired in the gas kiln at Claymakers. Picked them up yesterday. Whenever I pick up test pieces, I ride home with them in the front seat of the car and look at them on the way home. Pick them up at each stoplight and ponder the question "what was I thinking". Same is true this time. Also wondering why the amber celedon looked like baby poop with pits. It is a beautiful glaze and it was not beautiful on my dishes. I used Aurora and I am thinking that it must have been the iron in the clay and the glaze didn't like that. I also tested tenmoku on a couple of bowls and I guess I need to get used to the orange that breaks through randomly. I like the dark brown better. I was really ready to smash everything at the studio when I picked it all up, but some of it is settling with me now. These were all test bowls at least, because I am not that familiar with Claymakers glazes and I am not set up here yet to start doing my own tests. All in all, I hate them every one! I trimmed the feet too thin, there was one rim I liked a lot so I will keep that up, and the glazes all pretty much suck. So, back to the, again, never ending quest for a bowl that makes me smile. It ain't happening so far. I am wondering also why I like everything that I hand build and like nothing that I throw. I am being so critical with my thrown pieces, feeling every little bump and not liking the trimming, not liking the glazes. Not really liking pottery today. My brain is fried and I have way to many things in the air. I also think this weather is so oppressive when you are driving around in Chapel Hill where the city planners never once thought about the traffic getting around in the town. I actually had to go to Walmart today to find some American flags, because you know there are going to be American flags at Walmart, probably made in China!!!! People should not ever have to shop at Walmart.
So on that happy note, I am going to the frig and grab a Bud Light and sit my butt on the porch and drink it. Then I am going to get another one!! Happy Weekend everyone. I'll try to post some pictures of my not too lovely bowls in the next couple of days.

Later....... we ate some blueberries out of the baby poop brown bowl and I actually like it now. The brown somehow enhanced the color of the blueberries, so then I put some grilled new potatoes in another one, and, well that one looked good too. Lord!


Bruce and Samantha said...

Hi Tracey,

I live in Seagrove. I read your comment on Sawdust and Dirt. You said your husband was on his way over here to Seagrove with someone to do an article about Seagrove. Is it too forward to ask if you could e-mail me? I could not find yours to e-mail you.
I have never read Carlos Castenadas. I have had two copies in my posession that I found at different times in a thrift store but I have lost track of them.

tsbroome said...

I'll send you an email. My husband is the NC bureau photographer for the Associated Press. Not sure what the story is going to be about.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

The thing to do before picking up your test pots in future is to go to the grocers first, then you can put fruit & stuff in your bowls for a handy snack on the way home, this might help you appreciate them more also you can getsome great results from photographing pots with food in them. Needs careful lighting though. P,S, Is the phrase brake a leg in order? and good luck with the wee ones.