Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If you are not a Carolina Tarheel fan I apologize for this photo, but after all, I do live in Chapel Hill and my husband was photographing Michael Jordan when he was in school here. Yes, I am a fan. Gerry stays unbiased because he has to photograph all of the teams every year.
I managed to get in a couple of days of throwing even with having to go in to the Theater. I got up at 6am this morning to drive to Claymakers and glaze all the bisque from last week. Hope there is a gas firing soon!
I set a little goal to make some sets just to keep my head organized. Well, best laid plans, and all that.............
I made three's and nothing the same, so I am changing the rules about sets of 4 and everything matching. Now it is mismatched sets of three for me. Maybe it's because I hand built one of a kind things for so long, or it's from making one of something for a demo, but I can't seem to get sets in my head. I make three of something and then I am ready to move on. Needless to say, production pottery is not in the stars for me.
Three bowls, three mugs and then the little one from the leftover clay at the end. Yes, I do have shelves but they are upstairs and I haven't set anything up down here so I just line it all up on the porch railing while I work. It's kinda fun to look at everything lined up around me while I'm working.

And then I switched to ones. I may be crazy to make a cake plate for gas firing but the clay is Aurora and I have had good luck with hand building and Raku with this clay. Not a lot of warping so I am hoping it won't slump. I made the base big and chunky so, that may be enough support. We'll see, it might be back to the Earthenware for this one. The little stick people are for Jen Mecca. I am loving the plates she has on her blog!
And then it all got ugly............................

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