Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Cat's Cradle

Last night we went to the Cat's Cradle to see The Moaners and Langhorne Slim. What a great show! If you are in Asheville tonight Langhorne Slim will be at the Grey Eagle. Check out the band's myspace sites for concert dates. If they are in your area, definitely check them out, these are two really good live bands, fantastic drummers and really strong vocals.They should tour together, they compliment each other well. We are so lucky to have The Cat's Cradle ten minutes from our house. They book some amazing musicians. The show was all ages, so we brought Wesley and her best friend whose mom is the lead singer for The Moaners. It must be interesting to be a 15 year old in a club and see your mom up on stage playing her guitar and just rocking the place. Monday I am taking Wes and some friends to the Warped Tour in Charlotte. This should prove to be crazy, none of the other parents would agree to take them, so I guess I win as the coolest mom. Actually, I am a pretty cool mom!


Patricia Griffin said...

Just wanted to say "hi".... Found your blog on Jen Mecca's blog list. We're visiting Asheville in October to see another potter friend and will check out the Cat's Cradle!

tsbroome said...

Hi Patricia: I'll have to visit your blog. The Cradle is in Chapel Hill not Asheville, but there are a lot of fun places in Asheville as well. Love it up there in October!