Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There is hope for the future, sort of.....

I took my daughter and her friends to the Warped Tour in Charlotte Monday. We got there around noon and stayed until it closed down.Great weather, no rain, not too hot. There were seven stages and over fifty bands, lots of band merchandise, and food vendors charging way too much for food and water. Beer was $10, water was $5, and a hot dog was $6. So ridiculous! Anyway, we had a great time, heard some good music, made some new friends. At one point, I came up on my group sitting and chatting with this Obama campaigner, discussing politics. Keep in mind, these are 15 year olds.
There were kids there promoting environmental issues, breast cancer awareness, and other great social issues. I saw no LSD trips, no drunks, no one doing anything crazy or stupid.............not at all like a concert I would have been at when I was 15! Where were the war protesters, where was that familiar concert smell of pot?It was strange, these kids were actually there to see the bands. I asked one police officer if anyone had gotten into trouble during the day, and he said "not one!" Imagine that. So, if you are a parent and your kids want to go to the Warped Tour next year, go for it. I think most just dropped their kids off, but I wanted to see the bands. If you like, there is a "reverse daycare" tent for parents, AC and TV.
Of course, I did come up on my daughter and 2 friends going into the Trojan Condom booth, oh well. And then there was this girl in the photo below. Thank God I didn't bring her, she got the band Say Anything to sign her breasts. How would I explain that to her mom? To the bands credit, they held the sharpie as far away as possible while signing. Really funny to watch their faces! I just wonder if she will bathe again?

I will get back to pottery at some point, I swear. I just have to get my kid back in school, get this play over with, write a grant, and finish up four weeks of summer camp at the ArtsCenter. Oh yeah, then there is John Britt's kiln workshop, got to build the thing since I have a grant now,and I am going to Arrowmont for the Clay Conference. One more thing, Gerry started clearing land this weekend to build me a small studio beside the house.
Hmmmm, maybe October?

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