Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crimson Laurel Gallery

For those of you that have not visited the Crimson Laurel Gallery, here are some photos. I had heard about the gallery through various bloggers and stopped by as soon as I got to Bakersville. This is one of the nicest galleries that I have visited in a long while. Well worth a trip up if you want to shop for some exquisite pottery pieces. It is very warm and inviting and David is very knowledgeable about many of the area potters as well as artists around the country.
The prices are very reasonable and even though I spent a bunch to do the kiln workshop I still was able to purchase several pieces on my visit. I bought one bowl in this gallery, one tea bowl from Shawn Ireland and a plate from Michael Kline. Treasures...............

Do you see the bowl on the bottom shelf, left corner? There was one also on the right that chose to come home with me.

Joy Tanner's work looks as wonderful in person as it does in her photos.

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Sister Creek Potter said...

Great post--full of 'eye candy'! Thanks.