Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visits with potter friends

I went over to visit with Deb Harris on Friday. She was loading her kiln that is very much like the one I am building and I wanted to see it loaded. Gillian Parke was there loading some of her stuff as well. Gillian just received the honor of Emerging Artist in Ceramics Monthly. They both make beautiful pottery. Deb and Gillian are just back from John Britt's as well. They took his glaze workshop and it sounds like it was well worth the time for them. I'm going over Monday to see their latest test results. I'll try to post some results here.

Susan Wells invited us out to her studio Friday evening for mojitos and a first glimpse at her finished sculpture. She will dry it for a month or so and then fire after September.

TA DA! It is very grand. Susan is firing these great big things on site.
They had a blind friend come for a visit that wanted to feel the sculpture with his hands, it was so interesting to "see" the piece through his hands. A few of us also closed out eyes and explored the sculpture that way. Never thought about doing that before.
Wesley made friends with Steve's dog, Joe. This was the very sweetest animal!


Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Love the hand painted fish patterned bowls and that sculptural piece reminds me of the old fashioned dovecots we have here in Scotland.

Patricia Griffin said...

Love the deco on the bowls!