Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back from Arrowmont

Finally back from Arrowmont. My head is so full, I need some time to put everything in it's own little compartment. I have lots of thoughts, lots of great photos, some good tool tips, and a couple of quotes. I think I'll spread it out over the week as I get my head together. For now, I will just post this, I love this photo: Victoria Christen was one of my favorite presenters. Here are several of the presenters also checking out her demo. Left to right:Michael Kline, Victoria in the foreground, the next two ladies I do not know sorry, then- Lisa Orr, Linda Christensen, and Bruce Cochrane. This was a fun demo. Back soon with much much more...............

1 comment:

Michael Kline said...

The potter directly behind Victoria is Jan McKeachie-Johnston. It was great to see you.