Thursday, September 4, 2008

Better, Better, Better

I got back on the wheel this afternoon for the first time since I think the end of June. Really? Can that be? It felt sooooo good to throw some pots. I made about twenty bowls but kept only six that I really liked. It was a beautiful day here and I worked outside, until the sun started to set. Of course I got into a nice rhythm and then my back started to hurt. Laying in bed for 12 days does nothing good for your body at all, except to let it rest and get well. What misery and what I whiner I have been about it. I will have all weekend with nothing to do except work in my studio,YAY! I am going to fire with Susan in the wood kiln in October so I need to get some things made for that. Not sure what I want to make for that yet. Hmmm.......
Oh yeah, Wesley got her learner's permit to drive yesterday so if any of you have a direct prayer line, please send some up for a mom of a teenage driver! She drove home from the DMV and it was the strangest feeling to sit in the passenger seat while my little girl was driving my van. Those of you with small children, (Jen) get ready, it's nerve wracking! But kinda cool too.

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