Thursday, September 25, 2008

bowls and tea

What a GREAT GREAT day! This Mark Knoffler and Emmylou Harris CD seems to go with pottery like wine and cheese. Listened to it all morning. Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes and yes I am 48. Not looking my age has nothing to do with me, my parents and grandparents looked and acted young forever, my mom is 78 and she just got married. Maybe the Budweiser helps a bit too. Also, I am one of the most immature people I know. I got kicked out of one of the studios because one of the other teachers bitched about the mess my kids made. So what, they got clay on the floor. She should see my house! Now I am in the crappy studio that smells funny and has no windows. Oh well, we just cranked up some Pearl Jam today and made Matisse paper cut outs, got glue all over everything, so there! When the parents came to get their kids, none of them wanted to go home. ROCK ON!
I trimmed Craggy Crunch bowls all morning, what a pain (literally) to throw and trim. I knew this would happen, it kills my hands but I love the look of the pots. Crap. These bowls were so fun to throw, I threw them fast and paid no attention to my form because my hands were being shredded by the clay. They are loose and wonky and I love them. I'm thinking shino in the wood kiln for these babies. ya think?

My friend Susan gave me some jasmine tea blossoms from Chinatown and Wes and I brewed some tonight after my kid's class. It's a beautiful blossom when it unfolds. Perfect ending to the day.


ang said...

hahahahaa sounds like brilliant fun...mmm shino one of my favs, sweet work...

anonymous julie said...

i love the craggy crunch... those bowls are so nice, i look forward to seeing them done. shino and wood kiln should be really good to them.