Monday, September 15, 2008

Clay Conference Part I The Presenters

There were fourteen presenters at the Utilitarian Clay Conference over a three day period and also lectures in the afternoon and evening. There were eight studios with presentations by half of the potters in the morning and then another group in the afternoon. It was almost impossible to move around to all of the studios and see all of the demos, so I had to pick and choose those that were closest to what I wanted to learn. For example, I missed all of the porcelain demos because I do not work in porcelain and I had to take something out in order to see all that I wanted to. It was frustrating and I know I missed a lot of good demos. The presenters this year were so talented and I wanted to see every one of them. Oh well.....
Here are a few of the presenters I got to see. I will post more thoughts later today, I have to get to Claymakers, today is my day to work.
Victoria Christen demonstrating a paper resist technique. Victoria was so much fun to watch, I spent a good part of my time in her studio. She is a master at slip and underglaze decoration.

Michael Kline made his capping and wax resist techniques look effortless. But just try this at home! His demos were very interesting and the pots he brought along to show were fabulous!

If you have never met Linda Christensen or seen her work, you should make it a point to do so sometime in your life. I have never met a more kind and giving person in my life. She made me feel like I was an old friend that had stopped by to visit. I have never seen anyone throw as slow on a wheel as she does. How do you do that?!

Ron Meyers painting with underglazes, what is there to say? Ron's work is wonderful!

Kari Radasch (ray-dash) is so much fun to watch. She uses her banding wheel to "throw" her coil pots and uses very thin leather hard slabs that feel almost like fabric to cut out her appliques.

Daphne Hatcher using a section from a cardboard barrel to make a sling for her platters, more on Daphne's techniques later. She was very interesting to watch. Daphne and her husband studied at the Leach studios in England many years ago, she had some fun stories to tell from her pottery career.
Ayumi Horie demo of dry throwing technique.


Michael Kline said...

Thanks for the great pictures!

tsbroome said...

you are most welcome. I have lots more!
It was great to see you, wish there weren't so many demos going on at the same time, I would like to have spent more time with each presenter. I enjoyed watching your brush work process so much!

Judy Shreve said...

No wonder your head is spinning! Whew - what a great group of talent! Thanks for sharing. I'm waiting to see when the podcasts are posted. That'd be great to see.

Was there any buzz about the sale of Arrowmont? What's going on with that?

tsbroome said...

There was a bit said in the welcome speeches about the property situation, but sort of vague. It sounds like there are several options open and there is a lease for 3 more years, so they have some time to think it through.Honestly so much happened between the keynote speech and today I can't quite remember everything that was said. I did get the feeling that a resolution would be found that would keep Arrowmont going in some capacity.

doug fitch said...

Wow - what an amaaaaazing event