Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clay Conference Part III Cool Tools

One of the fun things at the conference was seeing all of the tools everyone used. I'm such a tool junky although there are only about three or four that I really use. I love going to hardware stores too and looking at the tools, always have.
Kari Radasch uses this garden sprayer to keep her table surface wet for rolling coils. Much better on your hands than pumping a spray bottle. You just give it a few pumps with the pump thing, and it sprays for a good while without pumping a trigger. loved it!
Daphne Hatcher had about six of these slings made out of wood with fabric stretched over and stapled for her slabs. The great thing is they store so easily in a small space. This one is upside down by the way.
These textured cylinders were part of Bruce Cochrane's demo. They create the greatest patterns.
Daphne Hatcher got some old fence posts from her neighbor's farm and uses the top for textures

Ayumi Horie's tools after a demo and one of her lid molds
Victoria Christen puts her terra sig sludge at the bottom of the bucket in this glue bottle and uses it for slip when needed for attaching handles and other parts. So great, it just squeezes on where you need it.

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