Thursday, October 30, 2008

1st kiln

I put about 10 cups in Deb Harris' gas kiln to test these shinos on Craggy Crunch. These are the only ones I liked. Left to right: Choy Blue Celedon, Georgia Clear, Mamo(thin) and chun clear.The mamo looks wood fired. The glazes at Claymakers got thinned down way too much due to beginner students glazing too thick(remember the shelves I was grinding a few weeks ago?) So the mamo and a couple of the other shinos were dry and really ugly. I'm not going to post them because we just shouldn't have to look at ugly pottery. I like this palette ok but it's not worth the bloody fingers from the craggy, I think I will stick with Aurora for cone 9. I am still liking the Lyman's Red for Earthenware but got an old batch and the yunomi and bowls I made last week came out of the kiln with pop outs. Has anyone else had this problem? I talked with Ronan Peterson and Meredith Brickell about it and they have had the same problem. Apparently Highwater has addressed this but since my batch was old, I'm not sure if the problem is solved, I hope so because I really like throwing it.
I think this is a nice fall color palette
And then there is Deb's perfect porcelain with Carbon trap Shino and Celedon. This is a really bad photo but I had to use a flash because it was getting dark. Check out her website for more beautiful images of her work. She really does make exquisite pottery. She just got back from China, Japan and Korea and had some great slides to show us yesterday. She is also just back from John Britt's glaze workshop.


Deborah Woods said...

If you like the look of your Craggy Crunch, maybe you can try making a slip and adding some grog to it and brushing it on pots with your regular clay. I haven't tried this, but it seems like it might work.

anonymous julie said...

I really want to see the dry ugly ones...