Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy week

This is a crazy week. Got back from the beach on Monday, glazed earthenware on Tuesday, today Susan and I started loading the wood kiln, came home and made flags for Mother Courage, on my way to the theater now to drop off props, tomorrow will help Deb Harris load some of my stuff in her gas kiln and Friday the rest of my stuff gets fired in the gas kiln at Claymakers. Hopefully next week the earthenware will get fired at Claymakers as well. Does it sound like I need my own kiln or what! I think I have the funds gathered now to start my construction process so I am hopefully going to get started next week on the foundation and start calling for brick prices. I have a lot of things roaming around in my head that I am needing to sort out, riding in a car for 5 hours will do that to you and also going back to the place you grew up with all those ghosts floating around will get you as well. I am in a really strange frame of mind right now, hopefully stoking a kiln on Saturday will help sort it all out. Wesley has a gig with her band on Sunday, so that should help as well. I'll get some pics posted later....................

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