Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Conditions for creativity are:

to be puzzled;
to concentrate;
to accept conflict and tension;
to be born everyday;
to feel a sense of self.--Erich Fromm


kristy said...

Did you get a chance to catch the play, "Speaking Without Tongues"? We (Nashville Group) went to see it Saturday night. Very Very moving! just was not the same seeing Lynden but not seeing you and Wesley. Both of you were very instrumental in the life changing events of that whole weekend. So thank you so much and Wesley as well for taking the time to love on us and for making us feel safe to open up about some really painful times.
Kristy Turnage

tsbroome said...

Hi Kristy!
So good to hear from you. I did not get to see the show, had to be out of town, but I have seen the gallery exhibit and it is wonderful. The boxes are so moving and I was proud to see that some of the photos Wesley shot were in the show! All of you are such brave women. I hope you are doing well in this political craziness.

kristy said...

My family and I are doing well. Tim went with me and the group to see the show in Carrboro and it was wonderful being able to share that experience with him. For so long he has watched me drive off to group and so that has been a part of the healing process for me that has just been my time to reflect and process, so to be able to have him there with me and the rest of the ladies was so great. I believe it was an eye opening event for him. I was so impressed with the pictures on the wall. Let Wesley know that she is a natural photographer (just like her Dad).

Alex Matisse said...

I read some Erich Fromm a few years ago. The Art of Love(ing?). All I remember of it is that he said we think of love like an object. We go around searching for people who will love us and people who we can place our love on and completely defeats the purpose of what a meaningfull relationship should be. Kinda interesting....