Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Days End

I got twenty bowls made this morning, and as you can see no two are alike. This is my new plan. I really like making random bowls. The clay is Lyman Red earthenware, I'll get some slips and brush work on them after I get them trimmed tomorrow.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Nice, bowls. That clay looks tasty too is there alot of grog in it?

tsbroome said...

Yes, some grog, but probably not like you have. It's a nice clay, but there was some issues with pitting, like big chunks were popping out in the glaze firing,so I'm hoping this batch will be better. The craggy Crunch I used last week? Now there is some grog for ya!

Becky said...

Beautiful bowls and a sunset to die for. Thanks for sharing both.