Friday, October 24, 2008

High Point Furniture Market

This postcard was on the furniture heritage blog featured on Micheal Kline's blog roll. The day I graduated from college I went to work for a furniture company that had a showroom in this building on the fifth floor. If you count up 5 rows of windows from the ground up on the left side of the photo, that was where I worked for about ten years. My dad was a furniture maker and when I was a little girl we would go to the market in High Point. All I ever wanted to do was be a showroom designer for the market and was very lucky to work with wonderful people doing just that. I also designed retail stores around the country for them and have worked in all of the lower 48 states setting up retail galleries. If we had not moved to Charlotte for Gerry's job, I would still be in this building. Some days I really miss this place and wish I was still there. It was an absolute dream job! Lots of long hours and serious manual labor, but so rewarding. It was an amazing opportunity for someone right out of design school and I am probably the person I am today because of many of the things I learned in that very building.


Ron said...

That's really neat to learn about that part of your life.

tsbroome said...

You know Ron, I feel like I have had several different lives, really. I was a showroom designer for a very long time and then got into rock climbing and whitewater and became a sales rep for a few years in the outdoor industry so I could buy gear more cheaply. Then we moved to Charlotte and I got into the theater there, and I found Clayworks and here I am making pots. I really admire the people that find a career early in their life and stay with it.Sometimes I wish I had found pottery earlier, but then I wouldn't have traveled like I did. Oh well, you get what you get, I guess.

Ellen said...

Thanks so much for leaving your story. This is just the sort of thing we were hoping to capture with our furniture heritage blog. If you are in Charlotte, think about spending a day at the Market next spring. I'll get you a pass.
Ellen Denker, Director
Furniture Heritage Project
High Point Museum

tsbroome said...

Oh thanks so much for the pass offer. I may take you up on that. This sounds strange but I love the smell of that place and it would bring back incredible memories!My husband is a photographer with the Associated Press and comes over to cover market stories from time to time but I never can get on the same schedule as him.