Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm sitting here watching Obama address the crowd in Raleigh and I literally had a chill go over me when he said hello. Boy, that has not happened in a long time and really not even with this election until this moment. Gerry had to leave at 6am to get to Raleigh and preset on the press platform this morning. We are eating, breathing, sleeping politics in our house since Gerry is having to cover all of the candidates and they are fiercely pursuing NC. And today Wesley is playing the role of Ralph Nader in a school mock debate. Otherwise I would have taken her to Raleigh to see the next president of the USA. Did you vote yet? I went yesterday, walked right in, got my ballot, voted and was out of there in less than 10 minutes. Last election when Al Gore won, I stood in line in Charlotte at the library downtown for 5 hours. We couldn't even get into the early voting places then. This was so much better, glad I early voted!!!!


WildMagnolia said...

Wow, 10 minutes???? It took me 4 hours to vote yesterday. I live in New Orleans. Afterwards, I heard that records were set for early voting. More than 10,000 in Orleans Parish alone; 250,000 in Louisiana total. They expect more records to be set on Nov. 4th.

Go Obama!!


Christopher McHale said...

Hi, Tsbroome.

My name is Chris. I'm currently a business school student in Tokyo, Japan.

You have a wonderful blog! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and have been reading it in part to expand my knowledge of pottery. I especially like the chock full of media, which supplements the text very nicely.

I, for one actually left the country 4 years ago. Maybe I'll have a reason to come back after next week!


Joy Tanner said...

I voted yesterday, too! Quick and easy in the small quaint town of Bakersville!

tsbroome said...

Chris, thanks for the kind words. My daughter will be very jealous of you, she wants to go to Japan and live in "the sticks".I liked your blog. I'm moving to Canada next week if we get four more years of republican government!(or maybe I should go to Japan!)