Saturday, November 1, 2008

Broken Tusk Studio

Wesley and I got out today for the Orange County Studio Tour. We were pretty tired from last night's Halloween adventures and only made it to a couple of studios. Luckily there is tomorrow and next weekend. We always look forward to the tour. Many of the studios are out in the county down winding dirt roads, the leaves are turning and so far we always have had these perfect fall days. Carolina blue sky and great temperatures. Today we went to my friend Laura Farrow's studio. I remember the first time we went there, we didn't know Laura, but she was our favorite artist on the tour and we are still so inspired every time we leave there. Wesley had to stop on the way home and get some more canvases for painting. I got one of Laura's paintings, a pendant, and a wall tile for Wes. Hard to leave without buying something!
This studio has the greatest energy and there is something in every little nook to look at. They were serving great iced chai today. I brought one of my favorite cups from the wood firing to show Laura and the chai tasted extra good in my new cup!
Laura's studio was packed the whole time we were there, and look at this potters, there was a line of shoppers! She was very smart and had her pieces priced really well, so even my poor self could buy something. I did miss her cups and hope she does some more next year. I didn't get one last year and have regretted it.
This is Laura with a happy smile on her face. 3 hours into the first day and sales were brisk!
The girl is a master at painting on tiles. Check out the recent Lark book, 500 Tiles, to see more of her work.

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Laura said...

Hey you,
Thanks for the plug and the love. Great seeing you and Wes as always. Sippin bourbon here at the end of the day. Gearing up for tomorrow.