Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Time

I loved the post Michael Kline had yesterday about the support he gets from Stacey. I thought I would mention how I get to do so much crazy stuff with my pathetic income. Gerry is one of the lucky few that has a job doing something he loves and with all of the turmoil in journalism right now, we are really lucky he has a job with the AP, which is staying strong so far. With his support, I am able to experiment with my pottery without having to seriously worry about an income from it, yet anyway. I want my pottery to be right before I sell it, and with all of the experiments I do, it is often not right enough for me. Gerry shot the photo above while traveling in a convoy in Iraq. This photo ran in the Charlotte Observer and got tremendous response from people wanting to help the kids over there. Gerry's work changes lives and I am very proud of the work he does. Also very thankful that he tolerates my insane art brain! I'm also incredibly grateful that my daughter gets to spend time with her dad watching how he works and not standing in the middle of a convoy of military supply trucks. Where is this child's mom and dad, I wonder?!
Here he is on the right in a bunker in Iraq
Wesley and I work with Gerry at the ACC and NCAA tournaments every year, about the only time we see him during basketball season, which is now here. That's me in the back working as a photo runner, Gerry in the middle
Basketball season is a crazy time in N.C. and Gerry covers UNC, Duke, and NC State, both men's and women's games. Then the playoffs, not to mention all of the Hurricanes hockey games, it's chaos this time of year. Last night, he got in around 11pm and then got a call at 6am this morning and headed back out the door to cover the tornadoes that hit eastern NC last night. He will be back this afternoon to shoot the Carolina game and then goes to Hamlet tomorrow for the mobilization of the National Guard unit there. He will be deployed with them to Iraq in the spring.
Wesley with her dad in the media room. She has been exposed to so much so far and is a pretty good photographer and writer herself.
Wesley and I went with Gerry to Montreal for the World Swimming Championships. There are some nice perks being an AP photographer. He has had some great opportunities.

3 comments: said...

awesome post..that is a hugely powerful pic of the kid..hurts my heart to know war has no boundaries..

tsbroome said...

This is one of the most powerful images Gerry has ever shot. When he was in Iraq, he traveled with the company chaplain and their mission was to help out with the kids in some of the villages. They gave out toys and the girls were not allowed to take things because they were gifts from men. Gerry said it was heart breaking to watch. I think he had tears in his eyes many days while shooting pics.

Jen Mecca said...

Cool post about your husband. What a cool job!