Sunday, November 30, 2008

name that mug

University Mall will have a festival of trees this year and the trees will be auctioned to raise money for the ARC of Orange County. Chapel Hill Magazine will donate a tree and has asked local artists to contribute an ornament. Susan, Laura and I got together yesterday at Laura's studio to make ornaments for the tree, drink tea, and just have some fun on a rainy cold day after Thanksgiving. Can you name that mug Susan is drinking from?
We had a great time, sorry the ornament photos were too dark to post. Visit the mall during the festival to see all of the artist's work! It's another cold and rainy day today, so I am thinking I might clean up my studio and go see the new movie Australia later in the day. Happy weekend.


Judy Shreve said...

Is that a Jeff Martin mug?

Ron said...

Nice to see Jeff's mug there. I made ornaments this year too. They've been a big hit. It was fun doing the drawings on them.

tsbroome said...

That is indeed a Jeff Martin mug. I love Jeff's work, it was fun to have one of his mugs at our little "party". Ron, I would love to see your ornaments. We found out about this too late to make ceramic ornaments so we used mixed media. It was actually a bit difficult to think in another medium for a change. Laura made a cool lino cut stamp, Susan made a Star of David with cedar shavings glued to it, and I made a little nature diorama with twigs, moss, birds, tree bark etc. I would have preferred clay. Maybe for next year.

Alex Matisse said...

How you doing? I thought that was a jeff Martin. I have two questions. The first is from Mark.... do you want to come clean pots? Sorry for the total lack of foresight but I was told we really could use an extra hand and I remember you saying something a while back. We could use help either today or tomorrow. Cash or trade compensation.

Number 2 (an more important): I am REALLY interested in getting involved in what you do with the folks who are recovering. How can I participate?

If you want to give me a ring and let me know about either thing my number is 978 660 8032.
Talk soon,

Clay Perry said...

hey, this is a really great blog, i loved reading your posts!!!

Clay Perry said...

would you mind if i linked your blog from mine?