Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Voting!

I'm sitting here watching the coverage of Obama voting this morning and I got very emotional, tears in my eyes, not expected at all. His daughters are about the age I was when I went to an all white school. In 4th grade, Mary Canty, a very pretty black girl walked into our class, was introduced to us and took a seat. I remember thinking how scared she must be but also how brave she was. Mary was very successful in our high school, very smart, served on student council, was in the homecoming court, and is probably a very successful woman today. We also had a maid named Clara Belle when I was little, (lord knows why, I was an only child and my mom didn't work, but that's a whole other story! ) When my mom went to pick her up she would sit in the back seat. I always felt that was wrong in so many ways. I am so glad those days are gone. Being a Libra, injustice makes me crazy and upsets my world. On our way to school this morning I was talking to Wes about how historical this election is and how in her lifetime she will see an African American elected as President, when I have lived through the days of segregation. Things still aren't perfect, but better by far, in many ways. Wesley's school is having a mock election today hosted by Wesley's grade and Wes will be an election officer. She is so excited. She has an amazing history teacher that is coordinating this. Go Ms. Gerber! Poor Gerry is out in this miserable rain photographing polling locations and will be with Kay Hagen later today covering the NC Senate race. What an interesting day. If John McCain gets elected I am not getting out of bed tomorrow! Go VOTE if you haven't yet!!!!


Judy Shreve said...

Tracey - I too have memories of blacks integrating our high school & also remember thinking how brave they must be. They were all outstanding students. & I also remember many many inequities & I'm so happy our world is changing.
I voted - and I am considering Canada if Obama doesn't win.

tsbroome said...

Yep, Canada! Wesley is our little souvenir from a climbing trip in Alberta and I would happily live there!

WildMagnolia said...

I watched Obama voting this morning too and I thought of my grandmother who was a child when her mother was a slave. I thought about my little nieces and how different their lives will be. They're 4 and 8 years old right now.

It's an amazing day. I expect lots of happy tears.