Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is the beach I grew up on. I never miss it until I'm there breathing that sea air and walking barefoot in the sand. It was really weird down there this week. Foggy and warm every day with low visibility. Beautiful though.
Dang, this little girl is growing up. She got her hair cut last week and looks so much like me now. She passed a mirror in a store yesterday and thought it was me... funny. I'm starting to think about pottery again but I'm going to wait until after Jan 1. Going to spend some quality time with my family for a few more days.


Ron said...

Hey, that's the NC Coast huh?

tsbroome said...

Myrtle Beach, S.C. I wish we had been at the NC coast, much nicer. But my mom still lives at MB so that's where we had to go. Myrtle Beach is like Las Vegas now with an ocean. It was such a cool place to grow up but greed is taking away all of the charm it once had.

Laura said...

Wes looks beautiful.

Ron said...

Sarah and I stayed at a friends place at Ocean Lakes in 08. We headed to downtown M.B. one day.
My family always vacationed there when i was a kid. Really fond memories of it all. Remember the Magic Attic? I loved that place as a teen. Anyhow Sarah and I had a good time in the Boardwalk Arcade playing Skee ball and the old base ball (pinball type) machines. Too bad the pavilion is gone. We even walked through the Gay Dolphin. That was a total blast from the past!

I skated the 48th Ave halfpipe a few times too. Long gone now I guess.

tsbroome said...

Ron, I grew up on 47th St. Skated at 48th a lot too. Wow, small world. Yeah, Gerry is a big fan of the arcade baseball. He won a tie dyed dolphin for Wesley yesterday at Fun Plaza. That was my first job when I was 13, working in the arcade giving change and prizes.When they tore the pavilion down, I went there and got some of the chunks of concrete. Lots of memories for a lot of us.
Thanks Laura! Hope to see you on New Years!

cookingwithgas said...

there is something about large bodies of water which can quiet the mind and renew the soul.
We had a look while we were in Norfolk- out to the Bay where the Elizabeth and James river comes into the bay.
And what good weather to be there!