Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celedon and Shino

Here are a few things I got out of the kiln this week. New cups for the cupboard. Choy Blue Celedon and Carbon Trap Shino.
This is the first teapot I have made on the wheel. I have hand built some but I think I like making them on the wheel. The glaze is Malcolm's Shino. The liner is Chun Clear and the spill over the edge is Chun with Malcolm on top. I like the way this looks. One small problem, my kettle has a short fat spout and it's hard to pour the water in. Solution: I need a new tea kettle for Christmas!

This is the first mug that I have made and been happy with. Handles make me crazy and they are usually too fat at the bottom. I really like this one. Malcolm Shino again. this cup feels good!
Merry Christmas everybody!!!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks for the nice note! You are welcome to use Kenny's painting how ever you wish! Happy Holidays! Gay

tsbroome said...

Thanks Gay: he is quite an artist!

Hollis Engley said...

The shinos look great, Tracey. And I love the little ram on the teapot lid. Nice pots. And merry Christmas to you.

kota said...

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Laura said...

Lovin that teapot!

Clay Perry said...

lovely work