Friday, December 5, 2008

Life is good when you get new pots!

I don't know what it is about bringing new pottery into my house, but it just makes me a little happier every time I do. I will leave my new pieces sitting out on my pine farm table for days, where they look really beautiful, and I will only use the new pieces until I know everything there is to know about them. That's how it is with this latest bunch I have brought home from Mark Hewitt's. I think these pieces represent the Hamada quote in my header quite nicely!
These are Mark's mugs. I picked out the one on the left and Wes picked the one on the right. This mug holds more tea than any other I have and I didn't have to make a second cup this morning. The handles get a little bit hot, but I really need to stop this bad habit of scorching my mouth in the mornings anyway.

These pieces are by Alex Matisse. I like this cup for tea in the afternoon because it is smaller and I drink less tea in the afternoon than in the morning. Dr. Pepper was also good in it. Don't know much about the pitcher yet, but it reflected the afternoon light beautifully today.

This vase is a "potter's pot". I didn't take a very good shot of it because I was getting cold outside, but the kiln gave it many wonderful markings and it has a story to tell. I love this piece. It was made by Joseph Sand.
This sweet little cup is also by Joseph, and I have already had a few glasses of wine with it. This is a perfect red wine cup and may now be the only one I use for that.
These bowls are our new cereal bowls. Wesley picked out the one above by Alex and the smaller blue one is mine, by Eryn.

And last a tumbler and a small commemorative cup marking the 75th firing of Mark's kiln. I know it looks like I got more of the apprentice work than work by Mark, but I like supporting the people that work for Mark and I can't really use many of the large pieces that Mark makes. Although I really love Mark's work and have a great appreciation for it, my house just won't hold decorative objects, I need functional pottery to nourish me, don't want more things to dust and polish. The Chatham County Studio Tour is this weekend and I really wanted to get around to a few more potters studios. Gerry is going to think I have lost my mind if I bring more pots in this house. The smart thing would have been for me to take cash for my work this week instead of pots, put it towards my gas kiln fund and made my own dang pottery. But how are you supposed to walk away with no pots when you have been so close to them for a week and you really like the people that made them. Hmmm, tell me, what is a girl to do!?


cookingwithgas said...

you did the right thing! Sometimes memory pots are better then cash-enjoy!

Judy Shreve said...

Buy more pots! I love being surrounded by beautiful work & even more so when I know the artist - and bartering is the best. You each trade a piece of yourself along with the work.
You picked some stunning pieces - thanks for sharing.

tsbroome said...

Yep, I am all for the barter system. We should go back to that as a society as far as I'm concerned.
I had to go to the mall yesterday and it was extremely traumatic to say the least.

Ron said...

Wow, nice pots. I love that little pitcher

Deborah Woods said...

You are sooo lucky! What nice scores!

mahanpots said...

Great pots, and great pictures. You have a great eye for composition.