Tuesday, December 9, 2008

me too

I know everyone has been posting about their sales this week, so here I go. Susan, Laura and I are having a sale this weekend at Susan's studio, but not like many of you guys are having. We haven't planned, we haven't advertised much and half the stuff I wanted to have for the sale will not get fired in time. The rest of it is stuff I really like and will have a hard time parting with. We will have Tim and his friends there playing music and it's a potluck so there will be lots of food and if nothing else we will have a good party. If I sell some of the things piling up around here that will be good too. This is the Tracey Broome stress free way to be a potter haha! Pottery sales are hard for me, I just like making it. I should be someone's production potter. I only like messing with greenware. I do, however, want to make a living at this somehow. Hmm........
Here are some things out getting priced and cleaned and sorted out. I'll need to de-clutter my display a bit since there are two other potters. You've probably seen some of this before in previous blogs. Time for it to all go away, come on out to Susan's and have some fun Saturday 4 until we're tired of being there!


Deborah Woods said...

Hi Tracey-that Barbie photo in your sidebar is very funny. Is this what you do in your free time? Are these your pots in the photos of this post?

tsbroome said...

Yep, I have my trolls cook barbie when there is nothing else to do! ha!
I found this photo whilst bored and cruising around on the web, amazing what you can find out there.
Yes these are my pots in the photos, hopefully someone else's after the weekend.
Good to have you back on the blog!

raphimph- this was my word verification just now, I like this word

Becky said...

Much luck on the sale, Tracey. Your pots are lovely.

Deborah Woods said...

Those are great pots. Good luck with the sale. My word today is yoignize. " I better get out there and yoignize so I feel better"