Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've started making coil pots again. I really like the process and the calmness of making coil pots. This time I threw a wide base on the wheel with around 5 lbs. of clay then started adding fat sort of flat coils. After each coil I scrape the inside and outside with a metal serrated rib then a metal smooth rib and finally a soft Sherrill rib. I used to just start adding coils and see where they took me, but this time I actually have a form in mind and I will be throwing some parts to add to it. If all goes well, I'll post some photos. Maybe even if all doesn't go so well...
So far this is about a 10 lb. bowl.

Wesley's band was at the house while I was coiling, making T shirts for a gig on Saturday. They are doing a benefit concert for a friend who is raising money to go to Mawali for a mission trip. The shirts are really great. Wes made some stencils and some lino cut stamps and they spray painted them until around 8pm. Then I fed them and sent them on their way. I love having boys in the house, but man, can they eat!

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