Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My men helping out

We laid all these pavers today. Holy crap why is EVERYTHING heavy! Tyler is here laying on the main reason I didn't build a kiln. It is a part of our ridiculous septic system. We have it due to very rocky ground and very sloping lot. Anyway it seems to have pipes running everywhere and we can't lay a permanent foundation, hence the pavers.
So thanks to Gerry for taking his one day off in eight straight days of working at the Super Bowl to help me lift ten bags of sand, ten bags of drainage rock and 24 pavers. Not to mention all the dirt we dug out to level this crazy lot. Now where are the big men that can lift even heavier stuff!


Ron said...

"Potters" Ha. They should call us "Lifters" or "Haulers" or something like that. V. excited about the new kiln.

Hollis Engley said...

I hope they get paid in pots.

Linda Starr said...

All that heavy work is going to be worth it, I just know it. Hey the dog has such a great life doesn't he?