Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mugs & Molds

Last week when I worked out at Mark Hewitt's, he gave me this really sweet mug. Over the weekend, I had some time to throw and wanted to get some mugs made. I sat down to throw the shape I have been liking to make lately and it didn't happen. This shape came out instead. I think that I sanded and washed so many of these mugs at Mark's place that they were just embedded in my brain and this is the form that came through. Also, Joseph Sand gave me a little handle making demo and now my handles are somewhere between Brandon's and Joseph's. I need a little more practice but I like where they are going. Hope Mark doesn't mind that I am channeling his mugs! What do you think Mark?
Today I made some hump molds that I have been meaning to make forever. This was my grandmother's wooden bowl and I use it to make biscuits. I know I shouldn't be using it as a mold but it was one time and I will wash it and wash it to get it clean again, so hush up about how I shouldn't eat out of it now! Also, Gerry and I put in the posts and got materials to build the shed over my kiln. Yes, shed should come before kiln and yes it has rained a lot since I got the kiln, but it's just how I am, sorry! I have a big blue tarp for these backward ways of mine.
Hopefully just two more weeks and I will have the $$ to get the gas hooked up for my kiln and I can rock and roll! Pyrometer is on order.


cookingwithgas said...

the bread bowl is going to make a great mold!
And is it funny how something has to come out when you have seen and touched it- just make it your own. Do your own twist to the mug.
M said...

all very nice! marks mugs are so sweet, like holding air clay or something..

Linda Starr said...

One can only do so much in life and the rest will follow along, tarps and all. I think your grandmother would be proud at the use of her bread bowl.

Judy Shreve said...

Your mugs are great! I like how you've made them your own. Wish I had a handle guru. Mine definitely need some inspiration.

And the bread bowl is wonderful -- you could put a layer of plastic between the bowl & the clay before using it . . .