Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had such an awesome weekend. We went to our favorite restaurant, Top of the Hill on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill and got our favorite beer, their own brew, Old Well. Love this beer!! In the summer, when Wes is out at a party or a concert, Gerry and I go to the Hill for dinner and beer outside on the terrace and just chill. The sky was Carolina Blue and the sun was so warm and golden, just a perfect day to be out in Chapel Hill.
My child is just getting prettier and prettier. She turns sixteen April 25, can't believe it! Love this kid!

We walked around UNC campus and shot a bunch of pictures. The pink dogwoods on campus are amazing.

We also walked through the Coker Arboretum, where they have the most unusual selection of trees I have ever seen. Lots of flowers there are already in bloom but there are so many more to come.
What a cool place to live. I just love Franklin St. Hope everyone had a great Easter.


Laura said...

Wes is quite beautiful. Good genes combo.

tsbroome said...

Thanks Laura! What I like most is she is just as beautiful inside. I'm such a fan, can you tell?!