Thursday, April 23, 2009

email from NC Arts Council

NC artists, did you get this?

Thursday 23rd April 2009

Dear Artists, Arts Workers, and other Arts Leaders,
In the many years I've been at the State Arts Council, we've lived through several economic ups and downs, but certainly never a down period quite like the one we're in now. And yet there are also great opportunities for the arts today as we become better known as part of the solution that will rebuild North Carolina's economy.
On the first afternoon of ARTS North Carolina's ARTS Day events (May 5-6), two of Governor Perdue's Cabinet Secretaries will give us their views on the Creative Economy. Don't miss hearing and meeting Cultural Resources Secretary Linda Carlisle and Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco. The conversation will surely be stimulating as they talk about the overlap and convergence of the work of their two departments.
On the second day, you'll have the chance to talk with your legislators about the rich contributions you are making to the life of their communities and our state. No one can do that quite like you.
It would be great to see all of you here for the ARTS Day events. In times like these, we need to gather as colleagues to reinforce one another and the very valuable work that all of us are doing. Here's a link for more details:

All the best,

Mary B. Regan, Executive Director
North Carolina Arts Council

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Michael Kline said...

I didn't get this e mail, but it's intriguing. I know that a study was recently done by Handmade in America, concerning the $$$ generated by the arts and tourism in western NC. Is that why they're widening the highway to Spruce Pine?