Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mark's Motley Crew

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun these people are to work with. We have worked really hard this week helping Mark get ready for his opening but we have had some great laughs. All very talented: Chad Brown, James Ward, Alex Matisse, Mark Hewitt, Jessica, and Martin Simpson. Where was Joseph?! Sadly he missed the photo of the straw hat club.
That would be me with Mark's fingers sticking out of my head!


cookingwithgas said...

great pictures of the kiln crew!
Fun stuff!

Michael Kline said...

Looking Good! I wish I could have such a crew getting my pots ready for the Ferrin Gallery show,next week! I'll buy the hats! Moustaches not required!but appreciated.


Anonymous said...

motley indeed... and some large pots there

cindy shake said...

Such Fun! Holy Cow!! Look how big those pots are -or are you guys really, really small...? ;o)

Peter said...

What a great and inspiring group of people. Huge pots! I loved the photos of Joseph and Mark's garden on the last post you did. Everything looks warm, green and summery. We're heading into winter here and I haven't ever quite thawed out today, so your photos are a ray of hope and sunshine! P.

tsbroome said...

Yep, Mark makes big pots indeed. And yes these are all very inspiring people. All very great potters in their own right (except Jessica, who was just there helping out, but inspiring none the less with her great attitude and laughter). Peter, it is so warm and green and sunny here, but the pollen is crazy. Micheal, wish I was close by, I would certainly be over to help out :)