Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Could I have any more fun?

I am having so much fun with these kids at Woods Charter School! This is this first group of High School kids I have ever done clay with and it's great. They aren't helpless! They can do things by themselves, they can wash their hands, they have intelligent(well, mostly) conversations,and their work, oh man, these kids have some talent!!!
The projects are coming along nicely and starting to take the shape of the animal they chose, for the most part. For some of the students the clay knew what it wanted to be and we have had to tweak some of the animal choices, but that's ok. It's fun to see the clay evolve into it's own thing.
Coyote soon to be finished
Another well dressed potter. Is it a bunny, is it an otter, no it's a bunny, no an otter, no bunny, definitely an otter. This went on for an hour, I should be the one holding that knife!
Here is my happy studio this week!

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