Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The kids made great progress today, the coils are forming into something that is beginning to look like an animal. This is Siobhan's rhino, looks like a rhino to me! The clay is so wet though and nothing is drying so we may be reaching a place where construction will be difficult due to slumping clay. I may have to bring in my heat gun.
Mr. Durham has been Wesley's art teacher since eighth grade and her art has grown so much since having him. I tell him this all the time, but it's true. Can you believe he managed to bring out the bags of clay, help students and put things away without a speck on that nicely pressed shirt and tie? On the other hand, I walked into the classroom with clay on me. How do I manage that!? how many of you potters out there can stay clean for a whole day?
Wesley's band mate, Gabe came for a visit today. It was nice having him in class. Did I mention Wesley is in this class? Much fun to have her around. She is sculpting a wolf, but she hates the feel of clay on her hands, so she is traumatized a bit by it all! Although, she has done some great pieces in the past while helping me with my kid's classes. I am hoping to get the head shapes complete tomorrow so we can move on to the facial features.


Peter said...

Hi Tracey, nice to see children working with clay. You are doing a great thing encouraging them with this. It will be rewarding for you and for them too.

It is funny how some people just hate the feel of clay on their hands and others love it. I once had child to one of my painting classes (for adults) who simply hated getting her hands dirty. It was a real pleasure being able to take a photo of her after a couple of years of her coming to my classes in which she is happily print making, and is wonderfully splodged with ink on hands and face.

Yes, how DO some people remain immaculate, complete with light coloured shirts and dark trousers, when handling clay?? I am more like you, I seem to get clay or paint on me, even before I start using it!

Best Wishes, Peter

Linda Starr said...

Clean no way, I use my pants to wipe my hands. Too many years working the land got me used to dirty fingernails. I do use a sponge to wipe my hands off as I work though as I don't like the drying clay constricting the feel of my skin.

tsbroome said...

Ahhhh, the dirty finger nails! My nails grow really fast and are really strong. When I was in High School I had long red claws and I wore really nice clothes every day because I had to leave for work after school. My mom just can't get used to the me now with dirty finger nails and dirty, torn jeans all the time. I think the clay is permanently embedded!