Thursday, June 18, 2009

Neko Case

This was one of my favorite songs from Bonnaroo. Slept all day yesterday, trying to drag myself into the studio today, but all I have done so far is watch youtube videos. This is my new MTV. I remember in college when MTV first came out I was glued to the TV all the time. Now it's youtube! Good thing poor Gerry has a job, he married a flake Enjoy


Jen Mecca said...

My husband is in love with Neko Case!
So..did you go to Larkspur? How was it?

tsbroome said...

Hey Jen:
I didn't get to Larkspur, we had a crazy weekend with Wesley's band. I think every man out there is in love with this woman! Apparently I was standing right beside Bruce Sringsteen at her concert and didn't even know it. I saw some pictures from Bonnarro of him there watching her and he was in the same place I was. I guess I'm not too observant!

barb jensen said...

I'm afraid that my husband also married a flake because I just spent about an hour cruising around your fun blog.
Oops. Back to work now.

tsbroome said...

Barb: I just laughed out loud at your comment! Thanks!!

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, Tracey. There's a great piece on Neko Case in the annual music edition of the Oxford American, and it comes with two CDs full of all kinds of great music. Worth picking up, if you can find it. It's still on newsstands up here.

tsbroome said...

Thanks Hollis: I am heading to the bookstore today for Father's Day shopping, I'll look for it!