Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clay & Lace

It's been so beautiful outside this week, I have been reluctant to stay in and work on my wheel. I have set up all of my hand building stuff on the back deck and have been outside all week working through some things I have been thinking about making but haven't gotten around to. Wesley is going back and forth speaking English and French and I have been inspired by her. It sort of began with the flowerpots I made and then moved on to more thoughts of garden things. I have made a bunch of tiles with French words, used lace to imprint bowls, trays, soap dishes, I even got started on some lace imprinted Christmas tree ornaments. I have enough made for a kiln load to bisque fire so I guess that's what I'll be doing this weekend. Tomorrow we go to the NC School of the Arts in Winston Salem to tour the film school, where Wes has decided she wants to go for college.
I love the lace impression on this hand built bowl. It looks like a chandelier to me. I made some small ones to match. I am thinking that all of this work will be in white crackle and Voila, a collection, tres jolie!
Of course, the obligatory pear, couldn't be hand building without a few pears tossed in! I sold a bunch of these last year during the holidays and had forgotten about them until the other day when I was biting into one.
A lace imprinted tray which is paper thin and will probably crack in the Raku. I only made one until I see how it survives.
Cute little soap dishes and Christmas trees. These come about from the scraps left over from cutting out the bowls and trays. Easier than wedging up the clay again. I also have some pendants cut out from the tiniest of the scraps. I am getting a head start on ornaments this year. I didn't make enough last year because I waited too late. I want to Raku them, but that's a lot of little things to have to take out of a raging hot kiln. Any ideas? I do have a basket, but what to do with tiles and ornaments?
I have French books all over the house from my showroom designing days. Full of lots of great pottery inspiration!
and here sits my lonely little wheel.............. I'll be back soon, promise!

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