Friday, August 7, 2009

8 to 5 job?

I started my kiln at 8am this morning and fired seven raku cycles. Just finished the last on at 5pm. I have a headache from hell, the mosquitoes ate me for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I smell like smoke and insect repellent, I am filthy, hungry and I need a beer BAD! But...... I have some lovely pots to show you later when I get some photos together. I shot some quick ones in the yard but they aren't loaded on my computer yet. The girl child has to be fed and her mom needs a beer. Gerry had a tooth pulled yesterday so he is doing the soft diet for two weeks, how do I feed that one? Photos to come, I have some beauties!!!

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Caroline said...

Love your pots,awesome colours,For the teeth,try green smoothies for Gerry,Raw Green leaves,ie silverbeet or swiss chard, raw fruit and berries to taste and a bit of natural yoghurt or fruit juice.Mix in a blender or smoothie maker.I put raw carrots,beetroot.garlic or whatever.Hubby survived all his teeth out..just.