Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Here are a few images I shot today at Claymakers. Ronan finished unpacking everything and it is all sooooo wonderful!! I don't have pictures of everything, but these are the shots that were well lit and in focus:) Above and below, work by Ronan Peterson.

Amy Sanders
Jennifer Mecca wrote a little note on the bottom of this bowl about thinking of summer camp in July, when she made the piece. I really want this bowl!! I remember her blogging about that.
Michael Kline, Bulldog Pottery in the background. My photos of Bulldog Pottery's pieces did not do them justice so I left them out. You have to see their work in person to appreciate how fabulous it is. Especially the wall pieces. Glaze genius!
Amy again, I remember when I lived in Charlotte seeing these on the bisque shelves at Clayworks and loving them. They have a very timeless quality.
Gillian Clarke, there are more great pieces by Gillian but my photos had no depth of field and portions were out of focus. Not fair to the pieces to show a bad photo! Especially with her red colors, unreal!
I also want this dish by Susan Feagin. If I were the kind of person to rip off other potters, this is the dish I would totally rip off! It is the coolest thing. Maybe I can just be influenced somehow by it.
Shoko Taruyama, exquisite...........
There is lots, lots more, come to the reception and support these amazing potters this week!!!!You can check out the info at Claymakers website, there is a link on my sidebar.


Michael Kline said...

Tracey! Thanks for the pictures! I wish I could be at the opening. I've sort of fallen off the bandwagon of blogging of late, but am trying to catch up and catch up with all the blog reading as well. I'm glad you're still at it. When are we going to see you, next week? Next month? I can't remember, but I seem to recollect that you were coming our way. I hope I haven't missed you???!!!?? said...

Hey Michael, I'm heading you way this coming Sunday, hope to get by for a visit while I'm there. The pieces you sent in to CM are beautiful as always!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces, i love that gillian clarke piece, yum

Sister Creek Potter said...

I really enjoyed the show you put on in this post! wish I could be at the opening--or anytime to see all those pots in person. I thought you might like to see this raky pot mentioned on Clayart:

Jen Mecca said...

Those are awesome shots! Thanks for taking those so all of us in the show that can't come to the opening can see what's in it!
I'm glad you like that bowl...I'll see if I have any "goodies" here with a summer camp saying on them...perhapse you may find a treat in your mail box! jen

Linda Starr said...

Wow, all of those pos are so wonderful, would love to be there in person to see them up close. I see why you like the bowl by Jen, it is exquisite and how fun to have writing on the bottom. Back to look again. thanks.