Monday, September 28, 2009

City Tap

I know ya'll think all we do is go to bars and see bands and drink beer, well, yep that's about right! Why not?! Wesley and the band played their first gig at a real bar last night with a real audience that wasn't just family, fellow students and friends. These were people at the local pub, enjoying a beautiful evening and out to hear some good music. Cole Park opened for The Bad Mothers and they kicked butt!! People danced, clapped, cheered and had a fantastic time, all coming up to the band afterwards and telling them how great they were. I was such a proud proud mom!!!! Small world moment, the drummer for the Bad Mothers, Eric Davis, was the technical director at Deep Dish Theater when I did props there for Orson's Shadow. Great guy and a great vocalist/drummer. It was fun to see him again. The bar is City Tap in Pittsboro, NC, fun bar, good atmosphere and pretty good pub food.
Gerry with two of the moms of the band members hanging out drinking some good beer, Blue Star, great light summer ale. Look at that beautiful afternoon light!
Wes and Matt tuning up
What a great crowd. Thanks to everyone that came out to see the bands!! Especially those two lovely ladies in the upper right hand corner of the frame. You should have seen them dancing. They are the newest groupies and we love them!


Michael Kline said...

What?!? No video?!


Looks like fun to sit outside and have a cold beer! said...

No video, I did good to get these few pictures, having too much fun with everyone there! They are playing a benefit on Halloween and we'll get some fun video from that I'm sure!

Patricia Griffin said...

I can imagine how much fun that would be!!! My son is an animator/filmmaker and my hubster and I recently went to a showing in LA. I was beside myself with happiness for him. We were definitely the proud parents in the room. ... Sounds like you'll have a lot of gigs to go to in the months ahead!

Linda Starr said...

Wesley seems to play at all the intimate places, those are the best, I hope to see her and her band in the near future, great groupies too, ha.

Anonymous said...

seeing bands and drinking beer... gotta love that. glad to hear that wesley's first real gig was a success, congrats