Saturday, October 17, 2009

The very awesome Blaine Avery

Blaine Avery came to Claymakers today for a marathon slip trail/brush workshop. Blaine did demos for slip trailing, wax resist, brush work and even threw a piece and did a little slab work. If you have not been to Blaine's blog or shop, click on his name for a link. He makes beautiful work. If you can't make it to Seagrove for a visit, Claymakers has some wonderful pieces of his in the gallery. These past three workshops have been packed with so much information and presented by such talented potters that my head is about to explode with all that I have taken in. I have taken parts from each of them and have some ideas for my earthenware, (that I can now throw larger thanks to Po Wen, and I can decorate thanks to Amy and Blaine! )
I think the crane and the turtle are my favorite designs, but I liked it all. My very favorite was a long horn bull that he sketched and created with black slip but somehow I forgot to photograph it with my camera. I was shooting some pictures for Blaine so they must be on his camera. Maybe he will have them on his blog.

Blaine is very generous with his knowledge and I think we all took away a lot of helpful information today, and heard some fun stories as well. Thanks Blaine for an awesome workshop!!!!! Can't wait to get some slip on some earthenware!!!
Aren't these pretty?! Shooting pictures in the upstairs studio is so hard, terrible lights and a big window to mess with the white balance and give lots of glare, so check out Blaine's blog to see better shots of his work.


Linda Starr said...

Wow, that looks like a great workshop, I hope to take a slip decorating workshop one of these days so I can learn all the techniques of how to get the thin lines. I'm off to check your recipe, it looks so delicious.

Patricia Griffin said...

another great workshop! You lucky girl!

jbf said...

That crane is amazing. Looks like a great workshop.

Blaine M. Avery said...

Thanks Tracey!!! I like being called awesome!! Your too nice!!! Had a great time great people too. Nice to meet you outside of the blogosphere, Claymakers is a great place.

Jen Mecca said...

Really enjoyed the music on the post about Blaine. He is a really nice guy. Brad Tucker and I use to call him the Blaine Train when we were all at Cedar Creek together. I'm glad you all got to hang out with him.