Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brothers and sisters

I love the picture of Meredith with her brothers and sisters at the link on her blog here.
It's a great post. I am an only child and so is Wesley, but Gerry has a large family and they were all here today. Here are mine and Wesley's inherited brothers and sisters. We had such a great time today, my niece went to Starworks for a school field trip and the pottery bug has bit her good. She talked on and on about what a great time she had making a candle holder there. I got her on my wheel today and she made a cup and hand built two bowls. If anyone knows where she could take a class near Baden NC let me know. Gerry took the group shot, so here is one of him and Wesley. Hope everyone had a great day. I got to be with family and do a little pottery class. What could be better! Oh yeah and my two sister in laws bought pottery today. I made $50 on Thanksgiving day. Not bad :)


cookingwithgas said...

wonderful to take some time off for family!
That's w good looking group and I bet you had a great time.
Best - now let's do Christmas!

cindy shake said...

I love to see family pictures! I also enjoyed reading Meredith's post and seeing the photo too ;o)
Happy Holiday's and good news on the sales too! What would we do without family & friends supporting our art?!