Friday, November 20, 2009

Raku class

Today my raku class came over to fire their work. We have postponed the firing for two weeks due to rain, and I'm so glad we waited. Today was one of those amazing days, the sun was golden, the weather was perfect and the kiln gods smiled on us! Everyone had a great firing and got some beautiful pieces! We also had a delicious quiche, wonderful veggie soup and greens that Kristen grew in her garden. You gotta love classes like this!
I let these guys do most of the work since it was a class and they are supposed to be learning about Raku. This is the first class I have done for the project grant from Orange County. Thanks again OCAC for giving me the grant so we can have great classes like this at the Artscenter!

Ronnie left the Artscenter last year to have this little guy, and she came back to take my class and today Josh learned to say "raku" and "crackle"!
This tray was made by Bridget who took my pottery sampler class last session and had never worked with clay before. She hand built this after only one class session! Pretty great.
I have had sooo much trouble with Piepenburg glaze that I almost didn't introduce it to my class. Glad I did, because the tray and this vase were glazed with piepenburg and they look spectacular!
And this is what it looked like all day, can't beat the South for some glorious fall days! Thanks to Charlotte, Kristen, Bridget and Ronnie for a fantastic class and being so inspiring! almost every piece came out great, with the exception of a couple of tiles, I think that was my fault though for letting the can be opened too soon. Today I was mostly patient and waited to open the cans more than I usually do. It paid off, I need to be more patient in the future.


Patricia Griffin said...

Lucky students! They are obviously having a great time and learning a lot.

Peter said...

Looks like a great day. What a beautiful setting for raku. said...

Would you believe that it had been pouring rain for two days before this? We really got lucky with the weather and I think it affected the glazes in a great way.We did have a good time, and I learned too, which is always nice.

cindy shake said...

Those greens are amazing! I'm sure the moisture left behind by the rain was a positive -can't replicate Mother Nature huh?!

Linda Starr said...

love that pipenburg glaze, nice tray and wonderful day too.

Susan said...

Tracy you have such awesome classes!