Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Summer Vacation

I know, I know, it's a bit early to be planning summer vacation, but it looks like there might not be one for us in 2010. Not because of anything bad, quite the contrary! Wesley has been nominated for Governor's School!! Huge honor, she and one other kid at her school were chosen for nomination and only 800 from North Carolina get in. She is busy working on her essays and application, more work than I ever did for a job interview, honestly! But the bad news is, if she gets selected it will be for six weeks this summer. We were hoping to go back to Bonnaroo, but it's at the same time, so I doubt it's going to happen. I love this photo from Bonnaroo, buying beads from this sweet little lady from Japan.
I had big plans for this week, by now I should have boards of mugs and bowls ready to fire in a bisque by the weekend. Well, I sqeezed in 6 mugs, three bowls and one vase along with getting my tires rotated, oil changed, car inspection done, turn signal light replaced, grocery shopping, mixing glazes, picking up my student's work to fire on Thursday which is probably not going to happen because the rains are coming again, and many other things that the one in the family without a full time job (that would be me) gets to do. I wish I could have one full week to walk in to my studio, work for 5-6 hours without interruption and just see what happens. You know what I need? A WIFE! I added up my receipts from the Farmer's Market this summer, Festifall, and the things I sold to the NC Craft Gallery, and if I could have the time I need to really work, I could actually make this happen. I did ok without a huge amount of inventory and very few outlets and not a lot of effort. Time to get serious, I'm getting through the holidays and then I am getting a realistic plan together for 2010.


cookingwithgas said...

first- good for Wesley! Tell her we are very happy and wish her the best!
And as far as time to make pots- you just have to take it when you can.
There are weeks that I am not on the wheel- the last two weeks- no wheel time at all- maybe next week. said...

Thanks, I'll pass on your best wishes. All those years of know one understanding what the hell she was talking about have paid off. She gets to go to the land of misfit children:) (misfits in a good way, of course). Yep, I squeeze the time in when I can, but I have so much in my head I want to make, and can't ever find a full day to focus on what I want to do. My choice anyway I guess, family first! It would be nice to have a "wife" though!

Laura said...

I want a wife!! Maybe 2! One to bring home the health insurance and one to do the house chores.

Judy Shreve said...

Huge congratulations to Wesley! WOW - that's worth no vacation!
And it's so wonderful you are seeing results from all your hard clay work. You will get time -- but enjoy Wesley now -- she'll be out of the house before you know it.

Patricia Griffin said...

Bravo Wesley!